Soy Candles and Pets: A Personal Journey to Safety
23 December

Soy Candles and Pets: A Personal Journey to Safety


As a pet owner and the founder of Wickers D'Lights, I know we worry about our pets' safety with things like candles. Our love for pets drives us to make high-quality, pet-safe, and eco-friendly soy candles that burn cleanly.

The Allure of Soy Candles

At Wickers D'Lights, we started making soy candles not just for business, but to create a safer, healthier space for our pets. Our candles, like the lavender scented candle or coffee scented candle, are all made from 100% soy wax. This shows our commitment to creating safe, pet-friendly, and eco-friendly products. They are hand-poured with care and are free from paraffin wax, ensuring a cleaner and healthier burn.

Evaluating the Safety of Candles for Pets

Ensuring our pets' safety is at the forefront of our concerns. At Wickers D'Lights, we've adopted a thorough approach to guarantee our candles are pet-friendly:

  • Non-toxic Ingredients: Our candles are crafted from ingredients that won't release harmful chemicals, ensuring the air stays clean for sensitive pet lungs.
  • Natural Cotton Wicks: We opt for wicks made from natural cotton. These wicks burn more purely, which is safer for pets and people alike.
  • Clean Burning: The combination of soy wax and cotton wicks means our candles burn clean. The clean burn of our candles minimizes soot and residue, lessening the risk of respiratory problems for pets.
  • Eco-Friendly: Beyond being pet-safe, our candles are eco-friendly. We prioritize sustainability in our materials and processes to protect the environment that our pets and we all share.

Each decision in our candle-making process is made with pets in mind, from the selection of the wax to the final wick choice, ensuring a clean, safe, and eco-friendly burning experience in your home.

Soy Candles - A Breath of Fresh Air for Pet Owners

We make our soy candles, with gentle scents like Amberwood or Lovers Lure, to be pleasantly fragrant but not too strong. This way, they provide a soothing and comforting atmosphere that both people and pets can enjoy. Our commitment to clean burning and eco-friendly practices is evident in every candle we hand pour.

Best Practices for Burning Candles in Pet-Friendly Homes

In my home, I carefully place candles beyond the reach of playful paws and curious noses to ensure their safety. I never leave candles burning unattended, especially when my pets are around. Our scented candles are safe and enjoyable for everyone. They have natural cotton wicks and are free from paraffin wax, making them eco-friendly.

Wickers D'Lights - Crafting Pet-Safe Candles with Love

Our love for animals is deeply ingrained in the ethos of Wickers D'Lights. We hand-pour our candles with care to create a safe, clean-burning, and pleasant atmosphere for pets and their owners. Our candles come in many scents, from floral to earthy. Each one shows our commitment to eco-friendly, paraffin wax-free products.


As a fellow pet owner, I share the concerns and joys that come with having animals in our lives. At Wickers D'Lights, we believe that a warm, sweet-smelling home should not risk our pets' health and happiness. Our clean-burning, eco-friendly, hand-poured soy candles with cotton wicks are a testament to this belief.

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