Natural, toxin-free candles!

good for you and the planet!!

Enlighten your space with Wickers D'Light's natural candles, meticulously crafted to be toxin-free and eco-friendly. Our commitment to purity ensures a clean burn that is as kind to your well-being as it is to the environment.

A Wickers D'Lights Whispering Winter soy wax candle, with a net weight of 3.8 oz and a burn time of 20 hours, is displayed. The candle's label features the Wickers D'Lights logo and the scent notes of Eucalyptus & Rainwashed Pine. It is presented against a cozy, festive backdrop with miniature snowy Christmas trees, soft lighting, and holiday decorations.

natural elements

Embrace the serene embrace of the natural world with Wickers D'lights. Our soy candles encapsulate the subtle and soothing whispers of nature's own melody in your sanctuary

A cozy scene with a jar of Wickers D'Lights Twilight soy wax next to a cup of tea on a saucer, surrounded by fairy lights, with lavender sprigs and a potted plant in the background, creating an inviting and relaxed ambiance.


Breathe easy with our clean-burning, toxin-free candles. Safe for your family, perfect for your peace of mind.

A serene setup of three Wickers D'Lights Sweet Dreams soy wax jars with a clean cotton and lavender scent, arranged on a soft fabric adorned with lavender sprigs and cotton bolls, evoking a soothing and calm atmosphere.

premium products

Indulge in the luxury of our premium candles. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

product benefits & features

D'Light in the glow of Wickers D'Light candles, featuring eco-friendly soy wax, even burns, and a wick that ensures a perfect flame every time—simple, sustainable luxury.



Hand-poured Wickert's Delight Soy Candles are made from renewable resources, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

A single jar of Wickers D'Lights Lovers Lure soy wax with a rose and smoked oud scent, set against a plain background.


Clean Burning

Wicker's D'Lights Soy Candles produce less soot and toxins, ensuring cleaner air and a healthier environment in your home

A jar of Wickers D'Lights Sweet Dreams soy wax, featuring a clean cotton and lavender scent, showcased on a neutral backdrop.
A jar of Wickers D'Lights Whispering Winter soy wax, infused with eucalyptus and resinous pine scent, placed in front of a simple background.


Even Burning

Thanks to the natural properties of soy wax, these candles burn evenly, reducing the likelihood of tunneling and ensuring consistent use of wax.

A jar of Wickers D'Lights Morning Brew soy wax, labeled with the scent of fresh brewed coffee, presented against a simple background.


Longer Burn Time

These soy candles burn slower and cooler, offering a longer-lasting experience compared to traditional paraffin candles.

A jar of Wickers D'Lights Sweet Nectar soy wax with a sweet peaches scent, displayed against a plain background.



Crafted without harmful chemicals, these soy candles are non-toxic, making them a safer option for households with children and pets.



Being a family-owned business, Wicker's D'Light offers personalized customer service, reflecting their family values in every interaction.

A jar of Wickers D'Lights Twilight soy wax, with a lavender scent, presented against a clean, neutral background.

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